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PBP ch37 page6 by invderzimfannumber1
PBP ch37 page6

But, you not only did you live with it your whole life, but you told almost no one about it. And now you're too far gone to even be saved. It's really quit entertaining watching you suffer like this." He said as he walked to the control panel the closer he got to me the more pain I experienced.


"Yes that's it. Feel that pain and agony. Hahaha! This whole thing is like a beautiful story to me, and the best part is that you're stupid friends and family aren't really dead. They're very much alive. In fact they're on their way right now to save you. Of course we both know that they're basically walking to their deaths. Hahahaha!"

Yes soon I will get to destroy them all with your hands. Hahahaha!

"No no please stop it."

"You can hear her can't you? The evil side of you that's just waiting to get out I think it's about time we let her out don't you?"

"No please no."

"Oh don't worry we'll let your friends and family think they have a fighting chance before they die. Hahaha! After all cursing some one's hopes and dreams is what me and my master live for. Now let's let this wondrous story unfold SHALL WE! Mahahahah!"

PBP ch37 page5: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch38 page1: Coming Soon

PBP ch37 page5 by invderzimfannumber1
PBP ch37 page5

"No sir you didn't" She said as best she could.

"Good now have you done your job?"


"Good now get going I suspect we'll be having some unwanted guest soon." He said as he let go of her rist. She glared at him very angry like, but all he did was just say. "Why are you still here? I said get going."

"Yes sir." She said and left in a huff.

"Sorry about that you're highness. It's just so hard to find good help these days. Hahaha!" He said in a very smug and evil way. Then he looked at me.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Because, you really are fascinating most of the victims of my Master's vireos either died after the first couple of earth weeks, became his slave instantly, lost their memory, or got the vireos removed right away.

PBP ch37 page4: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page6: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page4 by invderzimfannumber1
PBP ch37 page4

That's right why would anyone want to come save you. You're nothing, but a big mistake. Yah I'm nothing, but a big mistake.

-Random Music- Why does my heart go on beating?
Why do these eyes of mine cry?
Don't they know it's the end of the world?
It ended when you said goodbye

Oh dad I wish things could have been different. If only I wasn't such a pitiful useless mix. Yes...

-Random Music- Don't they know it's the end of the world?
It ended when you said goodbye.

Yeah that's exactly what you are. And your body will soon be mine to control. Mahahah!

"Please no leave me alone!" I said out load. What is happening to me? Who was that voice I just heard. I've never once heard a voice in my head. Oh man am I getting worse? "Please no more."

"Fine believe whatever you wanna believe. It won't be long now. You're so weak and helpless it's a pity I can't just kill you right now. It would be so easy too, but unfortunately…"

"You may not." Someone else said as he came into the room. It was that same stupid Sir Unit of Silvia's again. Instantly when I saw him I started to feel a large amount of pain. Why why was all this happening to me? WHY?

"Victoria correct me if I'm wrong, but did I just hear you say that you wanted to kill our prisoner" He said as he grabbed Victoria's rist and squeezed on it very tightly.

PBP ch37 page3: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page5: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page3 by invderzimfannumber1
PBP ch37 page3

"Although I don't blame you for hating them. They truly are disgusting creatures aren't they, especially Dib."

"What are you talking about? I thought you liked Dib for some strange bazaar reason." I said a little annoyed that she completely ignored my question and changed the subject.

"I did. So much so that I gave him a potion that would turn him into an Arachnid just like me. But, did the creep care? No! Instead he dumped me flat for that stupid Gretchen human."

"Well dah Dib hates aliens. So of course turning him into one would make him hate you it does not take a genius to figure that out."

"Oh SHUT UP anyway it does not matter now because I HATE HIS GUTS! Same thing goes for that stupid friend of yours. She broke my brother's heart. I wish I could have destroyed them all with my own two hands. That would have been much more fun. Oh well it doesn't matter anymore, because they're all dead."

"They're dead. What do you mean?"

"They all came to save you Will, Dib, Gretchen, and even your father."

"My father came to save me? No that can't be true."

-Random Music- Why does the sun go on shining?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Don't they know it's the end of the world
'Cause you don't love me any more?

"No you're lying. My Dad doesn't love me anymore." I said starting to feel tears forming in my eyes. But, it was true that was probably one of the main reasons why I ran away, because he hates me.

-Random Music-Why do the birds go on singing?
Why do the stars glow above?
Don't they know it's the end of the world?
It ended when I lost your love.

"He would never come to save me."

-Random Music- I wake up in the morning and I wonder
Why ev'rything's the same as it was.
I can't understand, no I can't understand No can't understand
How life goes on the way it does

"No he would never come."

PBP ch37 page2: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page4: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page2 by invderzimfannumber1
PBP ch37 page2

"How did you know about my dreams?"

"Oh we know everything, because Silvia told us everything. We only came along on that stupid trip so we could learn more about you and for other personal reasons." She said returning back to whatever it was she was doing.

So what now they were gonna use me in this stupid machine to turn all the filthy human on this disgusting planet into even dumber spiders. So they could destroy my race. No! I couldn't let that happen. So I tried to get free.

"Struggle all you like. You won't get loose." Victoria said and she was right. I hated to admit it, but the arachnid scum was right. The only thing my struggling was doing was causing me to lose more blood around my rist, ankles, and more pain to my body and soul.

Oh man I'm so weak. I can bleary keep my vision strait. My head feels like it's burring. Then I just realized something..."Where's Paige? What have you done with her?"

"I'm surprised that you're actually worried about that stupid human. I thought you hated all humans."

"I did, but... Paige is different..." Yah Paige is different. Sure she was annoying at time, but even after she found out the truth about me she still cared for me. And now I was beginning to worry about her.

PBP ch37 page1: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart…

PBP ch37 page3: invderzimfannumber1.deviantart… 



United States
I love Invader Zim I have all of the episodes on DVD. I am also a big anime lover. I have been to MTAC for three years. I love cartoons, the parnormal, and horror. I am also a part of fanfiction here is a link to my page:…

Name: Well Obviously my name is not invaderzimfannumber1 but that sums up what I am I love invader Zim very much and believe that it should of never been canceled. Zim is the best Gir is the second best Gaz is alright and Dib gets nothing but hatred from me. Zim will beat you one of thewse days Dib just except it already Mahahahahahah!! There goes my Zim side again yes I have a Zim side I act like him when I am playing video games or when I just want to be funny. I act like Gir too especially when I imitate him I can sing the doom song very well. I am a little like Dib too I talk to myself but I think there is nothing wrong with that I mean sometimes you are the only person who understands you. I have glasses I did not realize Dib wore glasses till Zim said it in Magadoomer sorry for my stupidity, I believe in the paranormal and my parents are divorced and I barly ever see my dad so I have a neglecting father too. But despite the things I have in common with Dib I am still for Zim all they way.

Gender: Female I agree with JoeMerl it seems that all fanfiction people are girls maybe it is because girls tend to want to write more then guys and Girls rule by the way.

Age: Too old to be watching cartoons and obsessing over invader zim but I don't care.

Brithday: April 24

Fandoms I Tend to Read/Write About: I read and write just for Invader Zim I once tried to do Samaria Jack but could not get the characters. Oh well luckily for you people the Invader Zim characters come second nature to me especially Zim.

Characters That I Tend to Write About: Zim and the gang and my own characters that is what I usually do.

Things That Will Tend to Show Up In My Stories: I am trying to continue the serious that should of never been canceled in other words my stories run in order. Aside from that you will find Romans, Humor, father and daughter togetherness, drama, pain and misery for Dib I like that sometimes a little pain for Zim but he will never completely loose to Dib not on my watch, development of my own characters, Singing I love to sing, random stuff that just pops into my head from my dreams or friends but mostly form my dreams, My own genius and original Invader Zim genius I try to never go out of character I like the Invader Zim characters the way they are. Gramme mistake it is not my fault I have no help my mom does not help and my one and only 16 year old little sister is no help at all and my cat Lilly can't help me because she is a cat so I am all alone.

Things That Will Not Probably Show Up in My Stories: I refuse to pair Tak and Zim because they hate each other and because I already made Zim fall in love and this love makes since, Dib and Tak because they hate each other and I completely and utterly refuse to pair Dib and Zim because they should always be enemies unless there was no other choise but they must go back to what they where it is funnier that way and being Guy is just SO WRONG!!

Shows I Just Can't Live Without:Invader Zim da why do you think I ask my best friend to get me all the episodes on DVD last year. Total Drama Island second in my heart to Zim, Cartoon Network: Jackie Chan Adventures, Blood, Bleach, Narrator, Inyuasha, Chowder, Zack Bell, Yuu Yuu Hakasho I miss it so, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, and Star Wars the Clone Wars. Disney Channel: The Suit Life of Zack and Cody London rocks, Hanana Montana I love Nobody Perfect, Wizards of Waverly Place, Kim Possible, Phines and Ferb I need to see more of the episodes but I have a proble with finding time to watch them what with me job at Kroger and all my other lame chores and Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie I have all four and love the sires. Nick: Trying to get back at them for what they did to Zim but I like Sponge bob, Fairly Odd Parents, and Avatar I mostly don't watch nick unless nothing else is on but most of the time when that happens I turn on Zim because that never gets old. Shows I should enjoy according to my mom and sister and do: Pushing Daisy and Desperate House Wives.

What Am I?: I am a obsessed Invader Zim fan girl who does not care what anyone thinks of her, who owns over 200 movies most recorded and most cartoons, and a member of the Review Revolution I always review what I read and I am usually very nice unless I see something wrong like when some one makes Zim sleep I offten point the fact out that Irkens don't sleep and I also point out the order of the episodes based on my DVDs I just am very picky when it comes to Invader Zim correctness but I still love every thing I read about him.

invaderzimfannumber1's Stories

Invader Zim Stories:

Cool Zim: My first attempt at an Invader Zim story where Zim gets a hold of Dibs jacket and is considered cool among the girls and there is a skool dance involved enough said I am not that proud of this one mostly because I had a lot of help form my best friend the rest of my stories are completely me.

The Stalker That Came From the Starts: The title basically gives it away. Basically their is a new girl in Zim's class named Olivia she has an obsession with him and this seams very familiar to Zim. After a day of nothing but Olivia here and there Zim runs home to find her at his house he is taken prisoner by her and she turns out to be his childhood stalker Silvia and it is now up to Dib and Gir to save him. Very prod or this one completely my idea.

Zim and Gaz Together at Last: Normally I don't support Zim and Gaz paring but this idea just pop into my head after watching way too many Zim and Gaz parings on Youtube basically Zim wins tickets to a new restaurant thanks to Gir who ells and Gaz makes him take her along for the ride. This one is OK defiantly some humor especially the ending but like I said before I don't support the Zim and Gaz pairing.

Zim's First Love: An epic 10 chapter story about Zim falling in love with a Utopian (I made them Irkens mates) girl named Crystal who is exactly like him. Originally I had never planed on making Zim fall in love because as we all know he is not the type to but one night I had a dream about him saving an alien girl and falling in love with her because she was exactly like him. Very proud of this one especially of what results from it and the fact that it make perfect since that Zim would fall in love with some one who is exactly like him considering how much he loves himself.

Zim's Futur: Zim is devastated after loosing Crystal he almost kills himself in sorrow but then the stone tablets reveal to him a message from Crystal that tells him that he has a job to do not only to conquer the earth but to take care of their Mix daughter Amethyst who Crystal telepored to the future before she saved Zim. Now Amethyst is around to help Zim conquer earth and he has to learn to be a father. When ever they are out in the open they have to pretend to be brother and sister which makes perfect since considering how short they are and Amethyst is in Mr. Elliot's class. I am very proud of this one I love doing Amethyst character because is exactly like me with a little of Zim added in.

Army Zim: There is a mandatory skool visit to an army camp for Zim's class there is an obstacle course, climbing wall, reselling match, and nurse check up. All of which Zim must pass to keep his secret but luckly for him he has a new exso suit and Amethyst and Gir to help him out. Sargent Slab Rangal from FBI worning of doom also make an appearance. I thought of this episode before I thought of Amethyst's character but I am so glad I thought of her because she really helps the story flow now Zim has a new sidekick that actually listens to him. This episode I am a little proud of very funny especially Gir and I love pain and misery to Dib.

Zim's Worst Nightmare: Idea given to me from my best friend poor Zim he was just trying to switch Dib and Gir's brian to make Dib no longer a threat to him which does not make since but Zim's logic does not make since sometimes. Then Dib escapes and puts the brain switcher on Zim's head and Gir and Zim switch body in front of the tallest no less. So Gir goes to skool in Zim's place while Zim trys to fix the machine. That does not work out well and worser still Zim begins to act like Gir. If Amethyst does not switch them back soon then Zim will become completely like Gir. Very proud of this one because Amethyst's character starts to matcher in the first two she was like a little girl but know she is smart and Zim like a little but still her own self and she loose it in this episode Dib gets attacked again yeah and their are tacos too.

Zim and Fruit What a Pair: Again another episode I thought of before Amethyst's character but thank goodness I thought of her because I don't think Zim would of survived because he gets obsessed with fruit, to a poit of almost exploding, and fruit turns out to be deadly Irken food so it is up to Amethyst to save her father before it is too late. This episode I think is ok not too prod of the whole gross scene part because I am a girl who does not like gross things that is the only flaw of Invader Zim the gross sean episodes but they are very funny either way. I also enjoy how in this episode I show off Amethyst's love for human music because that shows how she is exactly like me I love music I don't think I could survive without my i-pod and now all of you know that Amethyst is that same way. She is a Mix version of me with a little of Zim added in yeah!!

Dib's New Alley: Now this is probably one of my most favorite episodes it starts out with Amethyst removing bandages from her father's skin thanks to the whole meat and fruit expiense from the last episode another reason why you must go in oder. During the doctoring expiense which I think is very funny Zim tells Amethyst of his new plan. He is late to class for a week thanks to the plan and no one but Dib notices. Then a new girl named Jussica joins the class and believes Dib that Zim and Amethsyt are aliens will Dibs new alley be enough to stop Zim's latest and most brilliant evil plan read and find out. I have a friend from work named Jussica and I dedicate this story to her.

Amethyst Weird Cruse of Doom: An idea given to me by my Grandmother who I have read to all my episodes and show her all the episodes on dvd she is the only one that supports what I do in my family. Amethyst gets a cruse on a reseller who looks like the hulk who she thinks is an Irken of course Zim does not believe that he is an Irken for a second but he lets Amethyst go on a date with him since she won the contest and begged him to let her go. I like this one it show some more of Amethyst character but I don't like the Hulk thing because I don't like the incredible hulk myself.

The Return Of The Stalker That came From The Starts: A request from one of my most favorite reviewer JoeMerl. It starts out with Zim skolding Amethyst for the weird cruse thing and she is fed up with her father's attitude so she goes off on her own to get some time alone but then she gets up ducted by Silvia who threatens to destroy her and Earth destroy the two most important things in Zim's life his daughter and his mission. So it is up to him to save Amethyst before it is too late. I am very proud of this one especially the ending.

Pool Of Horrors: My first time using Keef and I did a great job if I do say so myself aside from him showing up there is obviously a mandatory skool field trip to a pool and Amethyst and Zim do not have the paste to protect them from the water thanks to the fact that Gir ate it. Will they survive read and find out. I am very proud of this one and love the fact that JoeMerl helped me out with the ending.

Talent Show of Doom: My most favorite episode that involves Amethyst. basically there is a skool talent show Amethyst is going to sing, Zim is going to break dance, and Dib along with Keef is doing a magic act. Who wins is a mystery along with the price unless you read it and the one after it. Love this one a lot especially the songs I used I hope you guys can get the theme of them. It also show Amethyst love of singing which is something we have in common

Grand Prize of RJ Doom: This episodes reveals what the prize of the talent show was and let me tell you something it is a terrible prize especially for Dib and Amethyst I even show up in this episode. Yeah me. Very proud of this one thanks to JoeMerl again for brilliant funny ideas.

Halloween Terrors Combined: My first holiday themed episode Dib gets a hold of Zim and Amethyst's disguises and it is Halloween enough said. I am very proud of this one the idea is thanks to the same best friends that I menchened before and I loved talking about Amethyst's room.

Annoying New Job Of Doom: Amethyst has a new job working at a pub it is going well until Dib and his family show up for their annual family night out. This episode has four great song and I am very proud of it.

New Challenges And Maybe A New Alley For Dib: I dedicate this episode to my good friend Kyle who wanted me to use his name for one of my one shot charters. Basically it starts out with Amethyst selling cookies that Gir made to get ride of the cookies. But after selling cookies at Dib's house she runs far away from him using her super speed because he is being annoying. She ends up at the arcade where Kyle a teenage boy that she keeps beatting at video games is waiting for her. After loosing to her in Dance Dance Revolution Kyle is willing to do anything to beat her even hook up with Dib. Will Amethyst loose and will Dib get a new alley read and find out. I think this episode is good Gir is defiantly very funny in here but isn't he always but I don't enjoy the fact that I had to hurt Amethyst but it does show a new side to Zim.

Kierra's Grand Entrance: After destroy all of Zim robots during training for her powers Amethyst is very sad and depressed but then Julie and the Wisest give Amethyst her very own S.I.R. unit named Kierra who unlike Gir is very smart and can reassemble herself so she can act as Amethyst sparing partner as well as her assistant. Being as smart as she is Kierra will often question not only Gir and Zim's methods but her own master's methods as well. I am very proud of this episode I love doing Kierra's character don't get me wrong I love Gir but it is so nice to know that there is finally a smart robot in Zim's family.

Home Alone Fiesta: Amethyst and Kierra are home alone and as bord as can be but then Gir comes in and has some maracas and a saxophone so Amethyst and the gang have a party to escape the boredom but Zim comes in toward the end and gets dragged into it all. Very proud of this one I thought of it while watching Ariel's Beginning. I have even made a comic of it and plan to put it on Youtube very soon.

A Day With Amethyst: This story follows Amethyst throw the day it is told from her point of view and her and her class go to the zoo. Very hard episode to do but had fun doing it.

Thanksgiving Inter View: Me and my one and only 16 year old little sister are going to travel to the Invader Zim universe and ask the characters what they're most thankful for this year. This episode was a great way to show my readers more about my charaters the Utopians plus it was cool to work on my sister's charater. So I guess I am sort of prowd of it.

When Dance Dance Revolution and Waffles Meet: My own remake of the episode "Zim Eats Waffles" with my own characters and some new chaos for Zim, Amethyst, Gir, Kierra, and Dib. And the introduction of a new character Amethyst human aquantance Paige. This episode was cool to do I loved the whole intrduction of Paige and her family and so did alot of my fans witch was cool the one thing I regret is that the last chapter was too much like the origanl oh well. It was still good.

Amethyst 1st And Most Horrible Almost X-Mas Ever: Thanks to Gir waking Amethyst up early her powers are now uncontrollable and it is the last day of skool before winter break. Will Amethyst and Zim secret be out find out in December. Their will be plenty of great christmas songs in this episode Yeah!! And there is also a special treat for all of my most loyal reviewers. I love this episode love thing I did for my reviewers it was so nice of me I just like my reviews so much and I loved all the songs l did it was just so cool to do. This episode was origanly not going to be my Christmas episode is was just going to be an episode where Amethyst lost control of her powers but then I thought it would be cooler this way and it was.

The Christmas Eve Shopping Spree: O.k. origanly I had never planed on writng more Christmas stuff but then I thought well hey why not every one deserves a good Christmas an I wanted my charaters to have the best ever so I needed a way for them to give eachother gifts so this story just poped into my head at random and wala here it is. Zim and Amethyst basically go Christmas shopping for their family with Paige and her brother Will it is cool to work with my own charaters plus I loved making up new charaters so yeah I am defently proud of this episode.

The Most Wonderful X-Mas Ever!: Now I know what your thinking ovious title right well I improved their Christmas episode title and made it better. This episode is probably my most loving episode ever lost of fluuf and real cool stuff Zim is a little out of charater and so is Gaz but I don't care. If you ask me Christmas is a time for every one to get along even Dib and Zim it is just my favorit holiday. Any way this tell you what Zim's family did for Christmas, what Dib's family did for Christmas, and what Paige's family did for Christmas. All of my charaters are in her the stick around. Dib and Gretchen paring witch I support 100 and Keef weirdness. And lost of love so yes I am defently prowd of this one even though I did not plan on it and even though it and the other one put me way off sequedual but that's o.k. because I will never stop till I am done with all my coming soon episode I plan to take a little break after the valentine episode to read and relax but I will be back.

Amethyst's and Kierra's Worst Day Ever: Zim leaves Amethyst and Kierra home alone so he can travel with Gir and Minimoose to the Irken training plant Devastis to train Gir to be obedient like that is ever going to work. While Zim is gone Amethyst and Kierra must guard the base and maybe even a new plan I am not sure this episode is still in the planing stage and if doing that was not hard enough they must also face the threat of Dib, Keef, and annoyance of Invader Skooge. I promise a lot of chaos.

End of the Year Sleep Over of Doom: Paige invites Amethyst and Kierra over to her house for an end of the year sleep over and Will has his Geeky friends over and Allee needs attention what other horrors a wait Amethyst and Kierra find out on new years day.

Friday the 13th Valentina Stalker: Amethyst is having nothing but bad luck because it is friday the thirth and she made the bad mistake of steping on a crack the day before even though she was worned not to but like her dad she never listens. Any way now she has to deal with her new stalker Keef's little brother Meef who has always had a crush on her but has been to shy to tell her but thanks to the kiss that she gave him by assident all of his shyness is gone for good. Will Amethyst be able to handel her new stalker and her hickup and the other bad luck that comes her way read and find out. Oh and tones of songs in this one. Also three deleted scenes one Gretchen and Dib, Gaz and Keef request, and Kierra, Gir and Minimoose.

Poision Bloody Pineapple: It is spring break for Zim's skool and he informs the tallest about it in an anoying Zim way so in order to make sure that they don't have to deal with Zim for a week the tallest send him and Amethyst to go and observer another part of earth for the week then report back to them. Amethyst and Zim discover that beach water has no effect on them because all of the water on Irk is salt water I mean come on Irk needs some kind of water to support life. Any way they go to the beach for a 7 day vacation and Dib's Keef's Paige's and Gretchen's family are going to go to the same beach Skooge will defently make an appearance and it will be and episode that will have so many chapter and it will take me for ever. Yeah me!! Dib is even going to fall in love with my own oc charater and so does Paige and poor Gretchen has to witness is all Mahahahahha and I am going to do a tdi cross over and I mean a real good one with a romantic challenge where everyone gets paired with a partner and Zim will have a new plan and poor Amethyst keeps having these dreams of doom do they me something or are they just dreams read and find out soon enough

Hearts and Arrors: This is a sequal to Beach Musical Love Vacation it has been a full week since the tradgty of spring break and now our hearos must set forth to find Amethyst, Gir, Kierra, and Minimoose before it's too late. Meanwhile weird things are happening on Vort a subject that has been in a ageless comma ever since the Universal Wars has just woke up. Is he friend or fow. Also a young girl waits on her home plant she sinces that she will soon be reunited with the family she lost years ago and maybe her life will change for the better. Will our heros find her planet or will they be destoryed when they get there and what are the villian planing to do with Amethyst and the others. Can they stop it before the third one and who is this unknown espeirt. Only time will tell.

Bloody Sword Transfusion: It's time to get Amethyst back. Will our heros be able to do it. And even if they can how are they ever going to defeat Doom before he unleases the ultamate power to conquar the univers. There is no turning back this time it's either kill or be killed in the final story to this three part story.

First day back: It's my Charters first day back after their great adventure and there are eight new students at their skool that are sure to make things interesting.

Iz Final Destination:A knock off version of final destination iz style. Zim's school is going to the mountains for a ski trip. But then Amethyst has a vision that the ski lift is going to fall. So she gits really freaked out and gets her and a couple of other people off of the lift. And then the thing actual falls and soon after two of the people die. Then everybody starts dying in the order they would of die on the lift. Will anybody survive this ordeal?

Fourth of July Speech of Doom: It is time for the annual selebration of our independence and also it is time for the annual selebration of sending the Matrixsys to there Doom in the black hole. Also know as Black Hole Victory Day and our little princess has to make a speech everybody keeps saying she can do it and with a little help from Dib and a dream in the class room about the earth vicoty of Indepence she just might succed.

First Date: Zim, Meef, and other distraction are ruining Amethyst's and Shadow's first date and it is driving them both nuts.

Opposite Day: A terrible day when Amethyst get's hit in the head and start loving Meef instead of Shadow. What will happen to their relationship as a result?

Neurotically Nice: Skoodge is worried about the fact that Tak needs to talk to him. His worries lead him to remember the events that happened the day Tak said he could stay with her at her bass. What happened those days and what does Tak need to tell him? Read and find out.

Sonic Siren: Paige needs a job so she tries to get a job with Amethyst, but she is a real cults at first will her being a cults ruin her's and Amethyst friendship forever

Romance Blooming Deception: There is a new guy and Paige is in complete love. But Dib and Will think their is something wrong with Jason. Are they right? Read and find out. Also Thistle has been captured by FBI agents and it is up to Dib, Will, Jason, Gretchen, and Paige to save him.

The Candy Zombie of Horror: Anyway this is a rewrite of Halloween Fright Night. Amethyst and Shadow are forced to work with Meef at the Haunted Trails and if that was not bad enough now something terrible has happened that may reviel the alien's secret forever. What will happen read and find out.

Zombie Squeal: Amethyst is fed up with Meef so she tries to use her dad's Temporal Object replacement devise to destroy him.

Thanksgiving Turkey Surprise: Dib's is having Thanksgiving with Will's family. At the begging of the story the kids have to make the meal, because their parents are too busy working on Professor Membrians latest advancement in Real Science. Everything is going fine until the Plutonions come for revenge on Paige for accidently killing their king. Can Amethyst and Zim save them before Thanksgiving is ruined read and findout.

Invader Zim Wester: Dib dreams about a western version of his old life back when he used to fight Zim and Amethyst. He is the new sherif and Zim and Amethyst are the worst outlaws in the west. Can he defeate them and save the beautiful cowgirl Gretchen.

Meekrob Christmas Carole: This is a rewrite for the Christmas story Feliz Navida Fatality. It is the day before Christmas and Amethyst has just reseived word that she has to decide what the new planet that the Irkens have just concored will be converted into. She chose to turn it into a Musem dedicated to the great accomplishments of the Irkens and the Utopains. She has to present her idea infront of her race tomorrow after her Christmas party. So that night she spends the entier time researching Irken History. Eventually she falls asleep at the computer. Then she is visited in her dreams by the Meekrobs. They are under order from Lard Nar to show Amethyst the evilness of her race. Will they be able to change her mind about everything read and find out.

Crash Corse: Shadow is determined to learn how to drive a motorcycle unaware that he has to pass the driving test first. And Gir is coming along for the ride. This can not be good will he succeed or not? Read and find out.

Birthday Surprise: It's Shadow's Birthday and Amethyst is incharge of keeping him accupide while the surprise party is being prepared. Of course this does not sound hard that is until she finds out that she has to take care of Lard Nar and Ixane blind daughter on that same day. How will Shadow react to this chaose on his first birthday on earth and with a girlfriend? Will he get mad read and find out.

Half Knowledge: There has been a bighting in town and a person has become a vampire. Dib suspects the half vampire Jason but he soon learns that Jason is inoccent. So now it is up to Dib, Jason, and Keef to find the vampire and destory it before it is too late.

Project Cupid: Kierra has fallen for Shadow's new SIR unit, Max, but he seems to not want to give her the time of day. Can Amethyst help out her best friend with a fake assignment for both of them?

Motorcycle Mayhem: Amethyst, Kierra, Gir, Max, and Shadow are lost after a motorcycle crash will they make it back home alive? Also Amethyst and Shadow have their first relation fight during this episode will this ruin their love forever read and find out?

Paranormal Pests: Amethyst has to shadow a teacher for school, but when she is left alone with the kids what will happen, and Shadow is also stuck shadowing a paranormal investigator that we all know. BILL!

Miniature Birthday Bash: Its Amethyst birthday and that means anything, but normal. Infact the day was supposed to be a blast for Amethyst, but when she tryies to get to her party at the Anime Convetion Meef won't leave her alone. What will she do? Run far away from him. No that plan does not work out at all because Gir accidetally srinks her and Meef. Now they must wory together to find Gir and get unshrunk before they die at the hand of the local insect life.

Total Drama:

SCAGR: This the story of what happens when Cody finally decides between Sierra and Gwen. Who will he choose and will they say yes read and find out. REVIEW PLEASE!

Seirra's Story: Noah was just minding his own businiss when Sierra comes up and asks him if she can tell him a story about what happened to her today. After she gievs him an offer he can't refuse. he agrees. She tells him the about her adventuer to the amusment park.

Phineas and Ferb:

Whatcha' doin?: This is a little Song Fanfiction I wrote about Phieans and Isabella I hope you enjoy and review it.

Adventure Time:

Lycanthropist Killer: It is high time that I make one of my many Adventure Time dreams a reality. So I dreamed about Fine going to a party and there is a chef girl their that has a crush on him. When she relizes that Princess Bubble Gum is her competition she decideds the get rid of her. First she tells The Ice King that the Princess is allergic to mint just one taste makes her faint, but the Ice King does not believe in reseving help from other people so he does not listen to her. So instead the Chef make a posion that make the Princess go all loopy. Now it is up to Fin and Jake to get the cure for the princess from the evil Chef. Will they succed or not. Read and find out.

Comming Soon...

Phineas and Ferb

Ageing For Love: At the beginning Phineas realizes that he is always the one that comes up with what they are going to do today. He never lets Ferb decide so today he asks Ferb what he wants to do today and Ferb wants to talk to Vanessa but he does not know where she lives or is for that matter. So Ferb suggest that they build a love finder. A machine that zaps you and tells you were your true love is. At first Candace wants to bust her brothers but then when she finds out that this is for Ferb and how much he really wants this she decides to help instead for love. But then when they find out that Vanessa is the girl Ferb likes Candace says he needs to be older for her. So Phineas comes up with the idea to be build an aging ray and they hit Ferb with it making him the same age as Vanessa which is… I don't know 18 or 16 if anybody out there knows tell me. As for Doff plan it involves making a fool of his evil brother Roger which I always love it when he tries to do that because I hate Roger too. I am also going to write a song for this episode called Aging For Love. Anyway I hope you all will like it.

Adventure Time

Marcelinepunzel: Despite what you think this is not an Adventure Time version of Rapunzel sort of. Anyway the plot starts out with Finn realizing that they have not seen Marceline for a while and this make him and Jake worried about her. So they got to her house and find it torn into as if there was a fight there which they soon discover there was thanks to the recorder. While listening to the tape they learn that Ash Marceline's ex-boy friend has vampire-napped Marceline and they must save her. So they go to Ashes house and find some dust that says Rapunzel Fairytale Dust and they remember hearing dust in the background on the tape so they use the dust and they get transported to Rapunzel version of The Land of OOO and Marceline is Rapunzel and she does not remember who she is because of the dust she seriously thinks she is Rapunzel. Now Finn and Jake have to snap her out of it and stop Ash before they are stuck in the fairytale world FOREVER!!!

Invader Zim

I'll Always Remember You: The year is up and all the Aliens are leaveing for their new mission. This is probably going to be the sadest episode I have ever written and I think that at one point all of my charaters should tell how they are feeling about that fact that the aliens are leaving. Be prepared to really cry druring this story.

Marritual Mishapps: Zim and Julie are finally getting married, but will things turn out well or not. They are both having secound thought about going through with this. It is not that they don't love eachother it's just they miss their old lovers. Will Amethyst and Julie's brother be able to conveince them to go through with the wedding read and find out?

Baby Trama: Julie is about to have her baby, but Amethyst and Shadow can't get her to a hospital in time so they will have to do it themselves this can't be good.

Baby Sitting Doom: Amethyst has to take care of her little brother Zam and destroction is sertainly instore for her. Can she handle this kind of responsibilty? Or is she and Zam Doomed?

Blood Prom: Amethyst and the others crash the prom sometime in the future with a big surprise for the humans. Or at least that's how it was going to start, but then vampire assasons from the lega of vampires came for Jason and they have an awful way of makeing their pray suffer. now that they have shot Jason with a posion that makes human neck blood eriesitable will he be able to resist sucking Paiges bloos for real and exsposing his vampire nature to everyone what will happen read and find out.

Fight For Your Lives: Now this is just an idea I don't knwo if I will do it. But the idea is that a alien fight camp thing kid naps Amethyst,Vapire Paige, Jason, Dib, and Zam and forces them to fight other alien and possibly eachother and they must find a way to escape from the other dimention worm whole before they are trapped their forever.

New Day and New Skool: It is time for Amethyst to start learing how to become a Wisest. Is she up to the challenge with the popular girls giving her a hard time by hitting on Shadow and picking on her she sertially has he life cut out for her. And things get even worse when she finds out that Zam and Gir sneaked on to her ship. As always Kierra and Diva are finghting , but she will have Rachel, Shadow, Paige on the TV comunicator, and Meena to help her. Of course she misses her simple life with her dad, but she must learn that she can handle anything.

Bradial Basher: Amethyst and Shadow's dreams are finally coming true it is their wedding day, but someone is going to try and take Amethyst away from Shadow forever and with Amethyst being pregnant with twins he just might succeed. It is up to Zim and his friend to once again save Amethyst from doing something she does not want to do, but this time they have to worry about their own children. In other words when Amethyst is captured by the evil villain Mem and Daisy, Dib and Gretchen's children, Zam, Julie and Zim's son, and Sam, Will and Rachel's son get captured too.

The Mute Mix Desteney: Thanks to the evil spell of Drath Amethyst son Jack can't speak, but Julie's brother knows of a spell man that may be able to cure Jack, but the cure is the prize of The Blood Death Games now it is up to the children of our favorit charaters to get the voice for Jack before it is too late.

Club that I Own: :icondib-x-gretchen-club: :iconzimxtenn:

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my newest invader zim episode is up i hope you all enjoy it i was going to wait till valintines day but i changed my mind on account of ground hog day. Also tonight new supernatural so all be happy yah new dean and all his hotness woo

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